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Case Study: Stacey

Personal Trainer, Stacey, can now go for long runs without needing an ice pack!

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When did Stacey develop varicose veins?

Stacey, 34 from Telford in Shropshire, is a self-employed personal trainer and has always enjoyed keeping fit and motivating others to do the same. When she was pregnant with her children, she noticed a protruding vein above her knee which didn’t go away and progressively over the years became more painful and noticeable too. She recalls that at one point her leg felt like it blew up and her whole leg had swollen and was covered in eczema. “The veins were squeezing the life out of my leg and making it difficult for me to do my job as a PT. They were also really painful too which was having such an impact in my everyday life as a mum too.”

Being in her 30s, Stacey didn’t realise just how common this was as it’s often thought to affect older women. Being so fit and healthy too it just didn’t make sense so she wanted to find out what help is out there that wouldn’t mean she’d be off work for weeks. Stacey’s consultant at Veincentre, Dr David Wells said “performance while exercising can be affected by the symptoms associated with varicose veins. Having the underlying cause treated will restore healthy blood flow to the legs and get rid of any symptoms such as pain, aching, itching and burning.”


Why did Stacey choose Veincentre?

Stacey said her GP was really helpful and recommended that the treatment needed would unlikely be covered by the NHS. Stacey was advised to go to Veincentre as the treatment methods have advanced significantly from the days of vein stripping which was what was initially putting her off.


What treatment did Stacey undergo at Veincentre?

Stacey received treatment at the Veincentre clinic in Stoke with Dr David Wells. She had EVLA treatment on one leg, followed by follow up where she had sclerotherapy. Stacey had an initial telephone conversation with the patient advisory team then a face to face consultation with Dr David Wells.  Each appointment took no more than 90 minutes and she was able to go back to work the next day so didn’t need to take time off to rest.


How did varicose veins treatment help Stacey?

Stacey never imagined that as well as getting rid of the pain straight away she now feels like she has a new leg! Stacey said: “I decided to share my before and after photos on Instagram and couldn’t believe how many friends are going through the same thing but didn’t talk about it.  Everyone was shocked that I had varicose veins as I’m always so active and don’t fit the usual stereotypes.”

“I went on holiday with my partner who is a PPI Instructor for the military and our three children but didn’t take any shorts or swimming costumes as I was too embarrassed to show my legs.  I still go for long runs and I’m amazed at how unaffected I am by the heat and impact and it really has helped me to improve my overall fitness.  I’ve been so used to reaching for an ice pack after a long run that I’ve found myself walking over to the freezer and then realising thanks to Veincentre I don’t need it and I’m pain-free.”

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