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Important Information for Patients Insured with Bupa

Veincentre have negotiated separate rates with Bupa for all treatments. These differ considerably in price from our published self-funding fees, which are fixed cost. Please disregard our self-funding price list.

All our clinics and Consultants are Bupa recognised and below is a list of our clinic provider numbers which you will be asked for when ringing Bupa for any authorisation.

ClinicProvider Number
Veincentre, Bristol60010970
Veincentre, London60010971
Veincentre, Manchester60010969
Veincentre, Nottingham60011312
Veincentre, Oxfordshire60011961
Veincentre, Stoke-on-Trent60011185

How to obtain Authorisation for each Appointment:

Prior to attending for consultation you will require a referral letter from your own doctor (GP). Bupa will not authorise a consultation and scan without one. Please let Veincentre know the authorisation number for consultation and your Bupa membership number. If we do not have this prior to your appointment you will be asked to pay for this yourself.

Following your consultation, Veincentre will inform you of the treatment code (OPCS) that you need to give to Bupa in order for them to authorise treatment. It is normal for them to ask Veincentre to send a clinical report to their Specialist Varicose Vein Team prior to giving authorisation. The authorisation number given will usually include a follow up consultation and scan but NOT any further treatment. Please check at the time of obtaining treatment authorisation that this also covers your follow up. (Some policies do not cover follow up consultations)

Bupa will NOT authorise your follow up foam sclerotherapy injections in advance. Therefore, unfortunately, if you do require foam sclerotherapy injections we will not be able to do these at your initial follow up consultation and you will have to attend on a separate visit for these. At the initial follow up consultation, the consultant will rescan your legs and send a report to Bupa. Bupa insist on this report, which will outline what, if any, further treatment is required and the clinical need for this, before they will authorise any further treatment.

Should Bupa not authorise the foam sclerotherapy injections, or if you would prefer not to wait for Bupa authorisation and have the foam sclerotherapy at your first follow up visit, then you will be required to pay for these yourself. As you will have undergone your primary treatment as an insured patient, the charge for your foam sclerotherapy injections will be £500 (the self-funding fee for a primary session of foam sclerotherapy injections rather than the self-funding price for an inital follow-up). Although this may seem illogical it is necessary as the fees Bupa reimburse for the EVLA are lower than self-pay and the fees they reimburse for follow up are higher. The two combined are roughly equal for both self-pay and Bupa. 

Problems getting Authorisation?
If you have any problems obtaining authorisation, then please call our Head Office on 01782 753 960 with your membership number and we will endeavour to deal with this on your behalf.