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Veincentre is a centre of excellence for the treatment of all varicose veins. Our clinics and consultants are recognised by all the major health insurers, including BUPA and AXA Health.


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Will my health insurance cover the treatment costs?

As it is not just a cosmetic issue, most insurance companies will fund varicose vein treatment.

On receipt of the consultation results, your insurer will assess whether you are eligible for treatment funding or not. It is your insurer’s decision whether or not they fund your treatment however if you have an underlying valve problem, your insurance should cover treatment to fix this. If, however, there is no root cause of your problems, and your veins aren’t causing you any symptoms, then it is highly unlikely your insurer will fund treatment. Insurers rarely fund cosmetic treatment.

Unless there are contractual exclusions in your policy (e.g. your contract states that varicose vein treatment is not covered), there should be no reason why you are denied the choice to have treatment by one of our vascular specialists. We frequently treat patients who were initially denied authorisation.

As treatment for thread veins is deemed cosmetic, it is highly unlikely that you will get authorisation through your insurance company. It is, however, important to have a colour duplex ultrasound scan, in order to rule out the presence of venous reflux in larger deeper veins, which may be contributing to the thread veins.


Insurance Fees vs Self-Funding Fees

We have negotiated separate rates with insurance companies for all the NICE recommended treatments we provide. These differ in price from our published self-funding fees, which are fixed cost. Please disregard our self-funding price list.


Is Veincentre a recognised clinic?

Yes, we are recognised by all the major health insurers. Despite having full recognition we frequently hear from patients that they have been told that either our clinic is not recognised or the consultant is not recognised. They will often try to direct you to a local consultant who has no specialist interest in venous diseases. Sadly, some insurance policies require you to go to a specific hospital for treatment (usually work policies) however if you request that you wish to be seen by a specialist at Veincentre the insurers will usually honour your request to be seen by the clinic and consultant of your choice.

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    I’m having difficulty getting authorisation – can you help?

    We can certainly try! If you experience any difficulties getting authorisation from your insurer please phone us and we can normally quickly sort it out for you.

    If you are insured you will normally need to get a letter of referral from your GP in advance of the consultation but it is your right to have treatment by us without informing your GP. Please discuss any such requirements by phone.

    In order to ensure you are covered prior to attending, you will have to obtain an authorisation number from your insurance company prior to attending for treatment.


    Will my insurance cover the treatments Veincentre offers?

    Our vascular consultants only undertake the gold-standard vein treatments as recommended by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE). NICE provides national evidence-based guidance and advice to improve health and social care. We at Veincentre have followed the NICE guidance for over 17 years.

    NICE defines a Vascular Service as “a team of healthcare professionals who have the skills to undertake a full clinical and duplex ultrasound assessment and provide a full range of treatment”. This is precisely what we have at Veincentre.

    NICE’s guidelines on varicose veins in the legs states the following:

    1. All patients with Varicose Veins and Symptoms should be referred to a Vascular Service.
    2. Assessment should include full Colour Duplex Ultrasound scanning.
    3. Treatment should be by Endovenous Thermal Ablation and if this not possible or required Foam Sclerotherapy. Surgery should only be undertaken if both these fail.

    This is fully in line with our Treatment Pathway.


    Which Medical Insurers are you registered with?

    Aviva, AXA, Bupa, Cigna, Simply Health, Vitality, WPA, Aetna, Allianz, Bupa International, Groupama, Healix, Health Now, Health-on-Line

    Before you call your insurance company please follow the link below to learn how to obtain authorisation to see one of our consultants. If your insurer is not listed, please contact our Patient Advisers if you’d like advice on how to obtain authorisation.

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