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The below content has been medically reviewed and approved by Vein Specialist Mrs Helen Burndred at Veincentre.

Last reviewed 1st October 2022.

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What is thermocoagulation?

Thermocoagulation, often referred to as Thermavein, is a microwave technique used to destroy thread veins on the face. Thermocoagulation is the best treatment for facial veins as there is no risk for skin staining, the treated vein(s) die immediately, the procedure is quick and there is minimal aftercare required after the procedure.

In some instances, thermocoagulation can also be used on the thread veins in the legs when a small percentage of people doesn’t respond well to microsclerotherapy. A few patients have such fine thread veins in the legs that they are too small to access with a needle and others in whom, despite adequate injections, the thread veins never seem to disappear.

Microsclerotherapy is the usual recommended treatment for thread veins on the legs.

We never use microsclerotherapy on facial thread veins, for example, because there is a small risk that it could enter blood vessels that are linked to the eyes or the brain and also microsclerotherapy can cause skin staining which may last many months and would appear unsightly on the face.

How does thermocoagulation work on spider veins?

Thermocoagulation works, as the name suggests, by sealing the vein closed. This leads to permanent destruction of the thin-walled and tiny veins. The heat is applied using microwave energy at the end of a minuscule needle, which just pricks the very surface of the skin that is overlying the vein. The vein itself is not punctured.

Heat is introduced every few millimetres along the vein, through the small needle. The vein instantly disappears in front of your eyes. There will be an inflammatory response to the treatment which may leave you with some redness and the appearance that the veins are still there. This can last a few weeks. Sometimes veins will require a further session of treatment in order to get a full cosmetic resolution. This will be discussed at consultation and after every appointment.

For most patients, thermocoagulation is very tolerable. It is often described to feel like small electric shocks. The procedure can make your eyes water when done around the nose!

What are the risks associated with thermocoagulation?

All medical treatments carry a certain amount of risk, but thermocoagulation is very safe. There is a low risk of temporary small scabs that resemble cat scratches. There can occasionally be tiny red marks that appear, but these can usually be eliminated through further treatment. No major side effects have been reported.

Thermocoagulation at Veincentre

The appointment length of thermocoagulation would last around 30 minutes including consultation, the consent process and also the treatment, in which time we’ll treat as many veins as we can. If you feel like you would benefit from more cosmetic improvement, you may need to return for another session.

At Veincentre, we offer thermocoagulation at all of our clinics. Find your nearest clinic here.


Our prices are upfront and fixed.

Consultation (free of charge), followed by treatment – £300 (inclusive of VAT).

Extra sessions of thermocoagulation – £180 (inclusive of VAT) (to be booked in ideally 4-6 weeks following initial treatment, but no longer than 6 months).

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