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We provide the most effective, proven treatment and the highest quality of care, that is accessible to everyone.

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Start your journey to healthy veins and

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Stage 1 – Consultation

Ultrasound scan to determine the underlying cause of your veins problems.

Stage 2 – Primary treatment

Fix the underlying cause (restore healthy blood flow to your legs)

Stage 3 – Follow up

Repeat scan and secondary, follow–up treatment.

Gold Standard Treatment

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Walk in, walk out

Vein treatments are performed on an outpatient basis under local anaesthetic.


No time off work

We encourage you to continue with your normal activities.


Surgery not needed

Our minimally invasive vein treatments are recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE).

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Award winning,

5 star feedback

Patient Choice Award Winners for 8 years in a row. 92% of patients would highly recommend us.

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Treatment Prices


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Why go Private?

Over 30% of the population will suffer from varicose veins yet NHS rarely fund treatment. What can you expect from private treatment?


Upfront Prices

No hidden fees. We want our prices to be clear before booking and as affordable as possible.


Medical Insurance Cover

Our clinics are recognised by all the major health insurers. Varicose veins are not just a cosmetic issue.

The Results

Julia Bradbury's legs after varicose veins treatment
Julia Bradbury's legs before varicose veins treatment


We just do veins. What gives us our unique edge, is that we are a specialist non-surgical vein clinic. This focus enables us to optimise efficiency and effectiveness. Veins are our focus and always will be.

Julia Bradbury's legs after varicose veins treatment
Julia Bradbury's legs before varicose veins treatment

Recent Reviews

We hope that every patient’s experience of Veincentre is a positive one. In a continuous attempt to improve our service, we ask that patients provide us with honest feedback of our service.


I couldn’t be happier with the result of my treatment and it is still looking better on a weekly basis! I had researched the alternatives and found them very expensive and vague on total costs and not particularly personal or customer-focused. From my first meeting with the team at the Veincentre I was delighted with the approach, diagnosis and treatment plan. The team were excellent and put me at ease and the costs were clearly outlined and reasonable in comparison to the alternatives. The treatment its self was uncomfortable but not painful supported by a truly lovely, caring surgeon and nurse. Can’t recommend enough – have told friends and
family! Thank you very much for the care and attention – hot pants have been ordered for summer!!


This efficient friendly service has allowed me to walk again without the agonising pain of nearly 2 years wait for NHS treatment. The process was explained fully beforehand and was carried out under local anaesthetic. I would not hesitate to use this service if needed in the future and would recommend the Veincentre to anyone else with similar problems.


Can not fault any of the care received during treatment by all members of the team. Comminucation from start to finish has been excellent and the team has been brilliant all the way through the treatment. Thank you.


Amazing results, which I saw as soon as I took off my support stockings. The treatment is not cheap but so worth the money. My doctor and his assistant were both lovely and made me feel at ease. They were prompt and efficient. Being private I thought the staff would be a little stuffy. How wrong I was they were lovely. Thank you so much. I now look at my legs and smile.  Thank you so much!

I have to say before I went private I was a little reluctant to fork out for something that I believe should be done more often on the nhs but after finally deciding I couldn’t handle the constant ache and pains I’d been having in my calf for 8 years I took the plunge and contacted the vein centre . From the first phone call I was spoke to professionally and always felt like who ever contacted me actually cared about the pain I was in and finding a way of getting to the route of the problem . Dr regi was brilliant and after reading up about the pain and side affects that can occur I’m glad I can sit here writing this to tell you that there was barely any pain whatsoever and the following weekday I was back at work . Fingers crossed my legs don’t fail on me again but if they do I won’t hesitate this time to contact the centre straight away .

The results of my treatment surpassed my expectations. The medical staff were fantastic, carefully explaining the treatment I would receive and putting me completely at ease whilst it was performed. The receptionist was great and the staff in the office were friendly and professional when they contacted me by phone. The excellent results made it money well spent. I would definitely recommend the clinic.

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