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Varicose Vein Treatment Experts

Veincentre is a Specialist Medical Centre for the Treatment of All Varicose and Thread Veins using Gold Standard Minimally Invasive Techniques.

Our Core Values

Honesty | Safety | Effectiveness | Efficiency | Respect | Value for money

EVLA Experts

Veincentre was created with the straight forward intention to provide an excellent EVLA varicose vein treatment service at a reasonable price. Established in 2003, from the personal vision of our founder Dr David West, Veincentre was one of the UK's very first providers of EVLA (EVLT/ Endovenous Laser Ablation) for varicose veins. Since then we have been at the forefront of developments in the field of minimally invasive varicose vein treatment always striving for perfection in everything we do.

"The perfect amalgam of cutting edge technology with traditional values and service" 

Specialist non-surgical varicose and thread vein clinic

Our Consultant Vascular Specialists have performed over 30,000 successful treatments for both varicose and thread veins. A comprehensive range of modern treatments is available. The most common treatments we undertake include EVLA, Foam Sclerotherapy, Microsclerotherapy and Avulsions/ Phlebectomies.

We just do veins

What gives us our unique edge is that we are a specialist non-surgical vein clinic. This focus enables us to optimise efficiency and effectiveness. High throughput constantly improves quality whilst keeping our costs down and prices affordable.

Unlike many private cosmetic clinics, which have varicose vein treatments added to their extensive list of cosmetic treatments, we just do veins. We have not been tempted to branch out into aesthetic or other medical treatments however lucrative they may be. We stick to veins. They are our focus and always will be. 

Most of our patients come by recommendation, rather than through expensive national advertising campaigns and professional PR, which helps contain costs enabling us to keep our prices low.

Veincentre's Vision

Impressed by what he learned on a training visit to the US back in 2003, Dr David West wanted to radically improve not only the medical techniques themselves but also the culture and process of varicose vein treatment in the UK.

Countless patients across the country were referred to NHS outpatient clinics, examined by a junior doctor, given another appointment for a scan, and returned to outpatients to be told “Your veins are not bad enough we can’t treat you on the NHS”. What a waste of everyone’s time and resources!

In the private sector things were not much better with long winded assessment processes necessitating multiple visits before a treatment plan was agreed and costed. No choice of treatment was usually offered and unreasonable charges were (and often still are) levied for traditional operations which had changed little in decades. Scientific studies on patients’ satisfaction with management of their varicose veins showed poor results.

David was determined to change all that and provide a vein service that truly met the needs and expectations of patients in the internet age.

He set the following key aims:

Effectiveness: To utilise the latest proven innovations and equipment to produce the best possible results. To carefully analyse each patient’s problem and provide the most effective bespoke treatment. To manage 99% of all patients without surgery. 

Efficiency: To minimize the number of visits necessary, the time treatment takes and the time off work and hobbies. To respond to all queries and requests knowledgeably, quickly, directly and confidently. To do our very best to fit patients in at a time of their convenience and to have no significant waiting lists. To complete treatment as planned and never have to bring patients back for a repeat attempt.

Personal Service:
 To treat every patient with respect and listen to their needs and wishes. To be friendly, open and cheerful. To offer a wide choice of appointment times and convenient locations.

  To adopt rigorous risk management systems. To keep facilities scrupulously clean. To provide regular staff training and appraisal.

Comfort: To create modern environments of the highest quality. To utilise techniques which minimise pain.

Honesty: To be upfront about costs, likely outcomes, side effects etc. To encourage, regularly analyse, and act upon feedback about our service.

Value: To charge reasonable rates and have no hidden and unexpected charges. To provide low cost credit facilities for those who request them. 

From our internal audits and feedback we have received over the last 15 years we feel confident that we are fulfilling these aims and are particularly pleased to note that we have achieved all this at a price which competes even with Eastern European clinics!

Our treatments offer the following advantages over traditional surgery:

  1. No General Anaesthetic Needed
  2. No Need for Time Off Work
  3. No Scars
  4. Low Recurrence Rates

Our Experience

Rather belatedly recognising the benefits of non-surgical treatments, many general private hospitals and cosmetic surgery clinics now offer EVLA and other minimally invasive techniques like RF ablation (VNUS) but with any medical treatment experience and focus are crucial to success.

Our extensive experience shows in recent audits of our results which demonstrate:

  1. That we can effectively treat over 99% of patients suffering from varicose veins without surgery
  2. Minimal serious complications. Our DVT rate for the last 5 years is 0.35/1000 patients
  3. Less than 1% recurrence over 5 years

So confident are we that we can manage your problem without surgery, we offer appointments for consultation and treatment at the same visit. Many patients travel long distances, have EVLA treatment to both legs and are back on the train home within two hours.

Our Regulator

Our service has been rigorously assessed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) with whom all our clinics are registered. CQC Reg No: 1-136108318.