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Case Study: Nicola

Medical Sales Manager’s facial thread veins vanish.

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How did facial thread veins affect Nicola’s day to day life?

Nicola Wood, 48, couldn’t imagine leaving the house without a full face of makeup as her facial thread veins had gradually become more noticeable.

Nicola said “I’ve been covering up my face with heavy foundation for the past ten years and over the last three years I’ve been finding it increasingly difficult to hide them. Even the darkest shade of foundation wasn’t doing the trick. When I heard there was a medical clinic that specialises in vein treatment I knew they would be worth a try.”

“I hadn’t quite realised just how self-conscious I’d become but when the specialist nurse Helen at Veincentre told me she could get rid of them I just burst into tears of joy.”


What treatment did Nicola undergo?

Nicola underwent a treatment called Thermocoagulation, which is the best treatment type for facial thread veins. The procedure involves a microscopic needle which penetrates the skin just over the thread vein, and applies heat to the vein which closes it off. Once the veins have been treated, they disappear instantly and patients are able to go back to normal activities without any restrictions.



How was the treatment for Nicola?

Nicola attended our Stoke vein clinic and after a 30-minute treatment could straight away see an improvement. She had two rounds of thermocoagulation due to the extent of her veins, although the majority of patients only require one 30-minute appointment.

“The results are amazing and most importantly I have my confidence back! I only wear makeup when I want to and not because I need to. When I do wear makeup, it’s minimal. I no longer wear any foundation at all and it’s saving me a fortune!”


How is life for Nicola since undergoing treatment?

When Nicola isn’t working with her customers in the NHS, she enjoys cross-stitching, knitting, socialising with friends and family and not having to wear foundation!

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