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Spider Veins on the Face

Thread veins on the face are a different matter to those on the legs. They do not require scanning and are best treated by thermocoagulation (AKA Veinwave™).

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What is the best treatment for thread veins on the face?

Thermocoagulation uses a microscopic needle to penetrate the skin just over the thread vein, administering heat to close it off. You will feel a slight pricking sensation as the needle goes in and as the energy is delivered. Several treatment sessions may be required; after each, the treated veins disappear instantly and you can go back to normal activities without restrictions.

Click here to watch Mrs Helen Burndred explain how to remove thread veins on the face.

Microsclerotherapy should not be used to treat facial thread veins.

You can see a demonstration of thermocoagulation (Veinwave™) in action in the video below. Please note, the Veinlite video is a means of visualising the tiny veins whilst injecting them with Microsclerotherapy. It is not a treatment in itself.


We currently only offer Thermocoagulation treatment in our Stoke-on-Trent clinic.

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