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Microsclerotherapy Treatment

What is Microsclerotherapy?

Microsclerotherapy is used to treat thread veins. It is by far the commonest and most effective treatment for thread veins.

Some clinics will offer treatment of thread veins using laser or IPL. Although this can be quite effective with thread veins on the face, it is usually both painful and ineffective with thread veins on the legs.

Microsclerotherapy uses the same chemical as is used for foam sclerotherapy but a very much more dilute solution and used in liquid form rather than mixed with air into a foam.

It is important even with thread veins to discover if there is any underlying cause for these and this will need to be treated prior to the microsclerotherapy being undertaken. Usually this will be small reticular veins which are feeding the thread veins which would require foam sclerotherapy. Very occasionally there is a more extensive source of increased pressure which would require endovenous laser ablation.

The Procedure:
A very tiny needle is used to inject the liquid into each cluster of thread veins. As with foam sclerotherapy, there is a maximum dose permitted for each patient so if there are extensive thread veins it may well be not possible to inject all of these at one session.

After the injections have been completed a stocking is applied to each leg and worn for one week.

Thread veins are paradoxically more difficult to treat than larger varicose veins. It is normal to require more than one session of injections and it is important to note that resolution of the thread veins can take some time. Most patients require between two and four sessions although occasionally only one session is required and at the other extreme, we have had one patient with extremely extensive thread veins covering almost every square inch of her legs who required over thirty sessions but was still completely delighted with the results.