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Case Study: Julia Bradbury
Treated at Veincentre London. Read her full treatment story here

Julia's legs before treatment vs Julia's progress after Stage 3. At this point, there were still thread veins that required treatment and some post treatment bruising was still visible: 

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Case Study: Ruth

Hi Kim

Please see attached photos – several before ones and then 1 immediately after the stockings came off (10 days) and a few taken this weekend (9 weeks later).


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10 days post treatment: 


9 Weeks post treatment: 

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I chose Veincentre partly for price reasons but I was also impressed with the information provided and the testimonials on the website. Taking the plunge I called and made an appointment and from the initial contact, right to the follow-up appointment I couldn’t have asked for better care from the team at Bristol.I have suffered with varicose veins since the birth of my daughter 8 years ago and they got progressively worse over the years, particularly following the birth of my son 4 years ago. My legs constantly ached and I hated the way they looked – feeling very self conscious showing them. In fact I kept them so well hidden that many family and friends didn’t realise they were so bad until I showed them my “Before” photos.

Despite my husband constantly nagging me to get them treated, I felt that it would be purely for cosmetic reasons and couldn’t justify it. I was finally persuaded to do some research – helped by the fact we had such a warm summer and not feeling able to wear shorts was a nightmare.

Miss Winterborn was amazing and never once made me feel that I was being indulgent getting my legs treated. My only regret is waiting so long to have my legs treated and to say I am happy with the results is an understatement – I will definitely be wearing shorts next Summer! The actual procedure was more painful than I thought it would be but I know this is due to how much work I had done on the day. It also took me nearly 2 weeks to be pain free following the treatment, which was difficult as I run my own business but when the stockings first came it was worth all the pain and discomfort.

I want to personally thank Miss Winterborn for her friendly and professional care as I was very nervous about getting my legs treated. My friends and family are absolutely amazed at the results and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Veincentre to anyone.

Many thanks, 

Case Study: Emilie Sande, 37

"I wouldn't wear skirts for 10 years"

Before Treatment vs 6 Weeks Post Treatment:

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 Additional Images: