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2023 Patient Stories Lookback

We are extremely proud of the care we provide to help thousands of people live free from varicose veins and thread veins. 1 in 10 vein treatments are performed by us at Veincentre, and our procedures are life changing for people who suffer on a daily basis with the symptomatic & cosmetic effects. We have a wealth of stories from some of our patients who have been completely overjoyed with their results, and we would like to recap on those stories from 2023 here.

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We love to celebrate the amazing stories of our patients who have undergone treatment with us. 2023 saw 12 incredible stories that we showcased on our website, to help potential patients who are in the process of making the decision to have treatment.

We see people from all walks of life, of all ages, from all professions.. but they all have one thing in common – their day to day lives are being affected by their varicose veins, thread veins, facial thread veins or venous ulcers.

Here is a revisit to some of those wonderful stories.




Childminder back to work the day after treatment.

Susan‘s cramps and achy legs were affecting her quality of life, especially her busy job as a childminder, managing school drop offs and pick ups. Susan underwent EVLA and foam sclerotherapy at our Hull clinic, and she is so happy to now feel confident wearing shorts and skirts in the summer, as well as being able to get on with her job without the bother of her veins.


David Brewer

Biker David sets off to Cape Verde in shorts thanks to vein treatment.

David was so embarrassed by his varicose veins that he hid his legs from his girlfriend, and despite them causing discomfort, the appearance of the veins were his main concern. When he made the decision to undergo treatment, David visited our Nottingham clinic, and had EVLA as well as foam sclerotherapy. David is now enjoying holidays with his partner, and can wear shorts without feeling self-conscious.



Medical PA walks down the aisle pain free after varicose vein treatment.

Carole suffered with varicose veins for many years, previously undergoing old fashioned surgical stripping, however her veins unfortunately re-occurred, leading to excruciating pain as well as unsightly veins, which pushed her to get help with us at Veincentre. Carole had EVLA and foam sclerotherapy, which resolved her veins entirely. She was over the moon to walk down the aisle at her wedding with no discomfort!


We also told the stories of Peter, Kirsty, Jane, Mark, Caroline, Colette, Antonia, Lauren and Gillian who all shared their reasons for taking the plunge to have their veins treated.

Our patients choose to get treatment for reasons personal to them, whether it’s for cosmetic reasons or symptom related. They all have their own stories and we are very happy that they agreed to share them. Hopefully, reading about their transformations will give you the push to start your journey and book a consultation with us.

If you have any questions, call our patient advisory team today on 01782 753960.

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