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Case Study: Colette

Teacher and parenting blogger banishes her varicose veins.

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How long did Colette suffer with varicose veins and what gave her the push to get them treated?

Colette is a primary school teacher in Manchester and author of the family lifestyle blog “We’re going on an adventure” and has suffered with painful varicose veins for over 20 years.

Varicose veins run in Colette’s family and it was only when she heard about the walk-in, walk-out EVLA procedure at Veincentre that she decided to take the plunge and look into it further.

Colette said: “My decision to get my varicose veins treated was probably equal parts discomfort and vanity. I had become so used to having heavy, achy legs that I didn’t know what was a symptom of having varicose veins and what was just getting older or being overweight. My Dad had his veins treated a year or two ago and the results were incredible which certainly spurred me on to seek treatment for my own veins – they weren’t going to get better so I might as well get on and enjoy having more comfortable, attractive looking legs now than wait another ten years.”

Colette is now 43 with three children aged 9, 11 and 13 and enjoys going to local attractions, taking lots of photos and writing for her blog.

How did Colette find the treatment process?

When Colette attended our Manchester clinic which is just off St Anne’s Square she said: “I went into the treatment feeling a mixture of nerves and excitement – obviously I wasn’t excited for the procedure itself but for the results! The treatment was uncomfortable rather than painful – there were some sensitive bits in terms of the anaesthetic injections (backs of the knees – ouch!) but once they were done, the treatment just felt really achy. It reminded me of my GP’s struggle to get a cannula in and wiggling it around a bit!”


How did Colette feel after treatment?

She said: “I found that immediately after treatment and for the next few days, my legs were quite sore and uncomfortable, and I didn’t love wearing the stockings but, no pain, no gain! It was totally worth a bit of discomfort to be rid of the aching my veins caused!”

Did varicose veins affect Colette’s confidence?

When asked if her varicose veins affected her self-esteem, Colette said: “Yes, probably more than I realised to be honest. I think the most obvious thing would be that they impacted what I chose to wear – I would put on a dress and think, “no I can’t wear that as it draws attention to my veins”. I only really wore a midi or maxi length dress, and certainly nothing that showed the backs of my knees. I’m in my 40s, I’m not about to start wearing miniskirts now that I’ve got better looking legs, but at least I know I won’t be bothered about whether the length of my dress draws attention to them now.”


How have things been since Colette’s treatment and what advice does she have for other varicose vein sufferers?

Colette is now over the moon with her legs and says that she can’t stop looking at them and making sure she’s regularly moisturising them. When asked what her advice would be to other people looking to get their legs treated she said: “Just crack on, they’re not going to get any better so if they’re bothering you, you might as well get them sorted now and enjoy the benefits.”

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