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Price Promise

Have you had a consultation elsewhere only to find that the final treatment quote was substantially more than what was initially quoted?

Are you concerned our prices will escalate from what we quote on our website?

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Our prices are fixed

Be very wary about prices quoted as “from £££” or different prices for more than one vein or added costs for perforator treatment. Our prices are what they say they are irrespective of numbers of veins needing EVLA or presence of perforators.


Cast iron guarantee

The only exception to the prices mentioned above are the rare situations whereby we just cannot treat all veins in the one session due to very extensive underlying problems. In our hands this occurs in less than 1% of cases. An accurate quotation of costs can usually be provided at the time of consultation. If, however, you want to have total peace of mind about costs you can opt, when booking consultation, to pay an additional £500 and we will guarantee to undertake all required EVLA treatment including perforators at one set price regardless of the number of appointments you need. This guarantee applies even if you have had assessment elsewhere and have been quoted a much higher fee for several veins to be treated over several sessions.


Why are you so much cheaper than other clinics? I don’t want to pay more than I have to but I worry I may be getting an inferior service.

These are comments we frequently receive and we have been advised on many occasions that we should increase our prices! We can state categorically that the quality of our services is our topmost priority. We want a good reputation for quality and value over the long term. We do not want to charge more than we reasonably need to. The reasons that we can keep our prices so reasonable and also (unlike most) be upfront with patients about prices in advance of treatment are as follows:


  1. We only do veins and do them well. Most private hospitals subsidise other services by the profits made on vein treatments.
  2. We treat very large numbers of patients which has five great advantages:
    1. Our huge experience enables us to undertake the treatments very quickly and efficiently and be confident that we can offer safe and effective outpatient treatment to all in a set time slot.
    2. We can negotiate very good deals on bulk purchasing of expensive medical devices, drugs etc. We can also demand our own exacting specification for all equipment.
    3. Our administration systems have been streamlined and our staff can deal knowledgeably and efficiently with most contacts.
    4. We make optimum use of expensive capital equipment and premises.
    5. We can afford to invest in the latest, the best and the widest range of equipment to give patients the most appropriate treatment for their individual needs. Be wary of clinics just offering one technique.
  3. We utilise, where we can, our own CQC registered premises so are totally in control of our processes and costs.
  4. We fundamentally believe that keeping prices low is good and fair and increases demand so we can:
    1. Continue to drive down costs and avoid inflationary price rises. Our prices for EVLA have not increased for over 8 years.
    2. Improve quality by constantly and rapidly increasing experience and expertise.
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