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How much does it cost to have vulval or testicular veins treated?

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The treatment for vulva and testicular veins are usually caused by Pelvic Vein Conjestion. The treatment to fix this is called Pelvic Vein Embolisation.

Our consultants undertake this procedure however not in Veincentre clinics as MRI equipment is required and we feel it’s safest to be undertaken in a hospital environment.

As the procedure is not undertaken at Veincentre, we are unable to give you a definite cost. Hospital fees are subject to change outside of our control. Hence we would hate to quote you definitely on our website to later find out that the fee has altered slightly.

Our research shows that the cost of embolization range from Ā£3,000 – Ā£10,000 depending on the hospital you go to.

Our consultants will attempt to get you seen on the NHS if you need embolization however this is dependent on many factors and it can be a bit of a postcode lottery whether your NHS trust will fund treatment or not.

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